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Name : Angela Lowhur
Age : 19
Where : Indonesia

When I was having my high school holiday, I began experimenting with watercolour and ink and discovered my love for illustration. Gradually, I aspire to be a fashion illustrator. Where do I get my inspirations? Here is an insight behind my creativity.



Inspiration #1

“When I am in my painting, I’m not aware of what I’m doing.” said John Pollock. That quote inspired me to be a true artist even though I am still an amateur. The lesson I learned from what John Pollock said is to never be afraid to express everything that we are thinking or feeling into a promised painting.


Inspiration #2

My first inspiration of watercolor is Marion Bolognesi. She has a very close relationship with watercolor as a medium. She focused in faces and facial expressions because it is the subject matter she loves and really interested in. I love all her artworks that represents her character and she is a very simple minded person who never forgets her true self.

I love to use watercolor as my medium because I feel more comfortable expressing my thoughts and feelings that way. For me, the beauty from a woman’s face is a puzzle or mystery, as we do not know what is the secret from God, who created her face. For me, everyone is beautiful just the way they are but they do not realized it. To draw such a beautiful face, it is very important for me to also learn about the figure of drawing.




Inspiration #3

My friend, Prajna, who is 20 years old, taught me to know every part of a face and how to draw a portrait of a figure. “The more you look the face of a figure, the more your drawing will look exactly same to the figure”, she said. This is a statement from her that I will always remember as guidance when I draw a portrait of figure.

Inspiration #4

Eyes are my favorite part of figures to draw because I realized how important are eyes to capture every step that I draw. Eyes are a wonderful gift from God and have lots of benefits especially when I am getting involved in art. It is useful to use eyes to help the movement of my hands to produce such a promising artwork. Beside that we have to protect our eyes as long as we live in this universe because without eyes, art is just an illusion.



Inspiration #5

Inspiration comes from everywhere. The act of getting inspirations is spontaneous. Inspiration is how you feel the atmosphere based on your problem or situations, whether in happiness or sadness. Inspirations can be a story that you heard, your environment or anywhere around you. Mostly, I get my inspirations from what I see and what I feel. Every person has their own way to get inspirations and that is true.


Angela Lowhur



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