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A Gloomy Little Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is quite easily one of the most well-known nightlife areas here in Singapore. And to many, that’s really what they go to Clarke Quay for in the first place–a utopia for booze, strobe lights and music; ready to jumpstart your heart any time it fails in the general vicinity.


However, it might come as a surprise to many of us, but there is a quieter side of Clarke Quay. A gloomier yet more fantasy-esque side. Like a dormant nocturnal creature resting and waiting for the right opportunity to bounce up and start to come to life.


Historically, Clarke Quay was a transhipment zone and a conduit for trade. And really, when you come to see it during its non-peak times as I did, you feel as though you are transported back in time. Not to the days of trade–mind you, but to the days transitioning from the past and into the future that is now. A time when time seems to be at a standstill, save for a few old boats trying to outlive their obsolete purpose.


There’s a sense of serenity in the area. The pictures you will see here are just a few shots to showcase the tranquil scenery the area has to offer. All of us should learn to appreciate the quieter side of life just because in this day and age of living our lives full of hustles and bustles, it really is a commodity.


At night, it might seem like a bustling clubber’s paradise. In the morning, however, it seems as though nothing ever moves, save for the ripples in the river.


Some parts of history still remain among the ever-advancing town.


Really seems like a portal to a simpler and quieter place.




We all have to cross that bridge at some point in our lives

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