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Why is ‘art’ important? What constitutes ‘art’? How does one ‘appreciate’ art?

In a country where art is still largely in the domain of artsy folks, hipsters and wannabes; any sort of answer to the above questions will go a long way to instilling a culture for art appreciation, understanding and hopefully creation into this society of ours. In an attempt to do so, a project entitled “The Canvas” was recently launched with the support of Singapore’s The National Art Gallery (TNAG), powered by a group of art-loving folks under the guise of “The Council”.

More than being “just another art blog”, this is a project that hopes to subtly instigate a radical change in mindset and lifestyle through the use of blogging, social media and influence of people with street cred. Comprising of local heroes such as Kelley Cheung, Steve Lawler, Irene Ang and Mr. Miyagi, The Council creates and curates content for the website, all of whom bring their own viewpoints, experiences and biases into the articles and materials they choose to share.  While TNAG is currently slated to be an arts institution focusing on modern Southeast Asian and Singapore Art, the conversations and articles on the site sweep across contemporary, modern, renaissance art and for good reason too. Being an effort that is still in its infancy, the focus is simply to raise awareness about the art world and perhaps over time, becoming a place for more serious discourse to take place.

Adib Jalal … also known as misterdibster, is a Singapore-based designer, educator and occasional writer.

Visit The Canvas at www.thecanvas.sg.

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