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With a wardrobe that most girls covet, fashion blogger Jess Dempsey is the epitome of a true-blue fashionista. She seeks solace in anything Karl Lagerfeld. Over the years, she gained immense popularity through her sartorial fashion choices. With immense rising popularity, we talk to this fashion star in-the-making about her life and most importantly, whatwouldkarldo:

Take us back to how it all began.

In March this year I took a quick trip to Europe where my eyes were opened to the strong fashion presence, especially in London, Paris and Milano.  I hadn’t been to Europe for four years and seeing the architecture, culture, history and of course the fashion inspired my  creativity to start to flow and my mind was tick tick ticking away at all the things I was absorbing and thinking how I can continue feeling this way when I return to Australia. The day I walked the Rue Cambon and walked the ground that Karl Lagerfeld and Mademoiselle Chanel  had walked and I looked up at the second level of 31 Rue Cambon where the original Chanel store stands, I was overwhelmed with respect and privilege to be outside the doors where the royalty of fashion once began.  I didn’t realize this moment, where I was standing would change me and would pave the way for bigger things for me back home..

With 2 extra suitcases full and a maxed out credit card in my purse I arrived home, back to reality. I always knew about blogging but I didn’t know how I could start. Not long after I was home I started my blog because I had so much to tell from my trip about my fashionable travel moments, I was in awe of the fashion history that Europe had (Especially Paris for me) and I didnt want that feeling to end and I wanted that feeling back in Australia- the fashion boundires to be pushed in such a relaxed country, I  posted words and visuals about the current Chanel Runway, Karl Lagerfeld collections, my fashion tips and trends, sneak peaks of what’s in my wardrobe, and what I am wearing for the day. My blog is for the local and international fashion lover and I hope to inspire the fashion lover, to dare to be confident and take a little piece of my style with them.

Why Karl?

He is the King of fashion today, he is a designer, photographer, film maker, bookstore owner and much more. He inspires me through his runway pieces and his creative self expression through his clothes. When you get dressed in the morning think to yourself What Would Karl Do?

How do you define your style?

Feminine with a Karl edge, I am a girly dresser but I do like to add something to toughen an outfit such as gloves, chuncky jewellery or boots.

Who are your inspirations/fashion heroes?

Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Dello Russo, Alexa Chung and a mix of the characters Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf from Gossp Girl

Which are your favorite fashion websites/blogs?

Style.com, Asos.com, 5inchandup blog, Jak and Jill blog and Stockholm Street Fashion

A day in your life, what occurs?

Wake up, access my day and what I have planned and then dress accordingly. I spend a fair amount of time in my walk in robe (that is all to myself) and play around with my outfit until it is perfect, accessories and all. I might have a blog shoot this day or a styling shoot or a day of interviewing boutiques for a magazine I write for, so whatever it is I like to start in the morning so I am home around 4pm before my husband gets home and I can kick off my heels and start to cook a fabulous dinner. In between I might sneak in a little shopping or unwind after dinner with some online shopping!

Describe your humble abode.

We live in a lovely town house just outside Melbourne City situated just off a main street with coffee shops, boutiques and galleries. In my house you would find lots of photos of family and travels to Europe and Singapore, lots of Parisian ornaments a second bedroom that has been turned into my wardrobe with my Karl Who? t-shirts hanging on the walls like art.

One place in the world you would love to visit.

I love to travel, I visit Singapore each year and it is one of my favourite places. I adore Paris and Milan but to choose somewhere that I have never been to that I would love to visit would be Spain, Barcelona. I have alot of readers from Spain and I have friends who tell me it is absolutely beautiful.

Your favorite fashion capital and why?

Paris Paris Paris!!! I love Paris because of the Fashion history, the architecture, the fashion confidence, the romantic essence it portrays and most of all the fact that I can walk the same ground as some of fashions royalty.

How do you see yourself as a blogger?

I suppose I am a dedicated fashion addict who loves to share my vision with my reader and am so greatful that I have readers who are interested in me.

With the rise of fashion blogging, how do you differentiate from the rest?

I suppose I am just one of thousands of bloggers but I like to think that my visuals are creative, unique and thoughtful with beautiful photography and I also show hair and make up trends proving that your outfit is not complete just by the garments but with the beauty side of things too. I belive in the brands I wear therefor I tell my reader who I am wearing and how they can access it so they too can create this look.

What has been the biggest highlight in your blogging career?

So far my biggest highlight (as a newish blogger) is being interviewed by several blogs and online magazines. I am proud to be recognised and I am always thrilled to receive an email from a reader telling me how much they like my blog and how I have inspired them. I hope I continue to do so.

Jess Dempsey

Jess Dempsey website http://whatwouldkarldo.com/

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