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3 Best Chinese Designers


China is no doubt the fastest growing market for fashion.  International luxury brands are “mushrooming” in China like never before.  However, there has been little talk about Chinese designers despite the fact that almost every other international brands have their clothes made in China. Chinese designers, hailing from a land of rich culture and tradition, have the advantage of production capability right at their doorstep .

Here are my top 3 picks for best Chinese designers who have been able to step up to mix those advantages and create a class of their own which the world has yet to see.




One will be stunned upon entering Nisiss’ heavenly store in Sanlitun.  The reason is not because of how well-poised and mannered the staff greets you like a royalty but its in fact, the pleasant surprise of seeing the beautifully crafted garments on display.  The quality is impeccable and every piece is made to impress.  This store is like a maze with many small rooms. With the eye popping price tag, this brand clearly targets the super rich in China. The Guangzhou-based designer has over 10 stores in China, making them a clear, ambitious brand.

The designer rarely do interviews and public access to the design store is rare . And with no approval granted to snap photographs, one will have to visit this store itself in order to experience the fashion mecca.


Website: http://www.nisiss.com




Ziggy Chen

Although one of the older designer labels in China, Ziggy Chen made a total transformation in 2011 by creating Decoster Concept. The new concept is a clash between the new and old, east meets west, embracing the modern avant garde style.  Heavy use of wool, hemp, linen and leather, resulted in one of the most exclusive brand in China.  Ziggy Chen is represented by Stealthprojekt and now along side with Kofta, Devoa , Ma_Julius and alike . You get the idea where this label is headed to.

Ziggy Chen’s collection are only available in 2 stores in China, Xintiandi in Shanghai and  Sanlitun in Beijing.


Website: http://www.ziggychen.com/




Uma Wang

Uma Wang  has been positioned to become the first internationally successful Chinese designer. Not because she is represented in Milan, Paris and London but she is the only China designer with her collection stocked internationally in many renowned stores. Her runway shows are critically acclaimed. Uma Wang is confident and knows how to balance design and business. She stays true to her signature knit aesthetic and technique. Uma Wang is not a newbie. With 10 year experience in designing for Chinese brands,  she  left China to study in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and launched her own label in London in 2005. She is one of the few successful designers with the right balance between commercial success and staying true to herself.


Website: http://www.umawang.com/




Text & Images by: Paul Khor




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