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2 Degree Ice Art – An Icy Exhibition!


Winter in Singapore – something that is brought to reality with the 2 Degree Ice Art! Prepare yourself for a beautifully decorated dose of winter in 2 Degree Ice Art, organised by Century Ice Wonderland with the participation of the Harbin International Ice Lantern Art Association, that is so cold (-15°C) it’ll make your breath fog up!


Upon entering the exhibition, you will be greeted by an ice sculpture of Sir Stamford Raffles standing in front of an ice sculpture of his namesake hotel. That is just the start of the spectacular ice sculptures that await you as you venture deeper into the U-shaped exhibition. Meticulously carved from blocks of ice and lit by coloured lights, the sculptures of many of the world’s well-known attractions brought in an icy breath of air from around the world. There were ice sculptures of the Eiffel Tower, Four Faced Buddha and Chui Hua Men from Beijing, China. One of the exhibitions had a real tree frozen within the icicles, and the stunning Nine Dragon Wall was carved out of coloured ice blocks.


Of course, no ice exhibition is complete without an icy slide! The ice slide rises impressively to give you a grand view of the whole exhibition from the highest point. Both children and adults alike can sit on the rubber floats and slide down, with staff members manning the top of the slide. Families who come are sure to have their children running up to take the slide again and again. There’s no worry about them slipping – the floor is carpeted, making it safe for children and the elderly.


The highlight of the whole exhibition: the snow pool. With real snow. Forget all that fake “snow” foam that melts the minute it touches you. Importing a snow machine from South Korea, 2 Degree Ice Art has a mass of snow that you can even make snowballs with. Great for those of us who’ve never travelled to a country during winter; You can play with snow right here in sunny Singapore!


Once you’re done touring the exhibition, at which point your fingers might start to get a little numb, head outside to warm up for a bit before checking out their Ice Bar. It is fully furnished with ice furniture, except the padded surfaces for you to sit on. It’s a great place to both literally and figuratively chill with your friends over some drinks and release your woes. And if you still have some pent-up angst, the ice bar has the best solution – hurl your ice mug at a wall. Perfect for those having a bad day.


Ticket prices: S$26 (Child), $32 (Adult)

Tickets can be purchased from: http://sistic.com.sg

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/iceart



Text and images by: Arynah Aminuddin



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