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Zoukout 2011: Your handy DJ guide for a smooth party experience!

Back for the tenth year in a row, Singapore’s definitive clubbing brand, Zouk, brings back the number one partying event in Asia, Zoukout! With a world-class lineup of acts and events this year, Zoukout is looking to make a powerful Asia-wide, if not global, impact on the dance music scene to mark an exciting and unforgettable ten years of partying and incredible EDM.

Last year’s event drew a staggering 30000 partygoers to the shores of Sentosa, which smashed the record of approximately 27000 the previous year. No surprises though; top acts such as Tiesto, David Guetta, Afrojack and Laidback Luke guaranteed that there was not a single grain of sand on the Sentosa beach. And judging from the incredible list of DJs turning up for this revolution of a dance party, don’t expect the record to hold too long.

If this is your first time to Zoukout and you’re thrilled yet unsure of the lineup, fret not! ActuallyMAG has prepared a short, focused, and easy-to-understand guide on the big names to look out for when you’re finally there.


1. Armin van Buuren
It is hard to even begin describing the credentials and achievements of this maestro of all things dance music. Some call him one of the best producers to ever enter the EDM scene, while some regard him as THE definition of dance music itself. Armin, former voted as the number one DJ in the world on acclaimed dance music magazine DJ Mag, is the man solely responsible for the definitive Armada brand, which has groomed many other producers and DJs who have gone on to worldwide acclaim, as well as his podcast series to end all other podcast series, A State Of Trance (ASOT), which saw its 500th episode earlier this year (which is coincidentally also its tenth year), reaching a massive audience spanning five continents.

Those who missed Armin’s gig here at Zouk earlier this April can now atone for that major miss this coming year-end!


Tracks to look out for:
– Imagine
– This Light Between Us (Ft. Christian Burns)
– Not Giving Up On Love (Ft. Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
– Status Excessu D (pres. Gaia)
– Drowning (Ft. Laura V)


2. Avicii
Rising to prominence and near-overnight success as one of the top 10 producers in the world, Tim Bergling, better known by his alias “Avicii”, only came on to the scene relativel recently, in 2008. To rise to such fame in such a short span of three years should be reason enough for you to check him out (if you haven’t already done so). Avicii first started off his career by remixing a theme song to an old game on the equally old Commodore 64 console, marking the advent of a teen genius (he was only 18 at the time) that would soon take the world by storm.

Here’s an interesting fact about him to make him easier to recall when you go for Zoukout: do you wonder where Avicii got his interesting professional pseudonym? Avicii means the lowest level of hell in Buddhism, and it was the only available Myspace name he had in mind.

So do keep him in mind when you’re at Sentosa this December; you just might be witnessing a rising star in the EDM world.


Tracks to look out for:
– Levels
– Fall Into Darkness
– Seek Bromance (pres. Tim Berg)
– My Feelings For You )with Sebastian Drums)
– Hello Miami


3. Bob Sinclair
It’s not hard to recognize him or spot his music when you’re at Sentosa; his long tousled hair, coupled with his distinctive unique style of French House, make him an easy target for house music predators from far away. If there is one thing you can attribute to the success of the veteran entity that is Bob Sinclair (real name Christopher Le Friant), it would be his use of experimental sounds, beats, rhythms and synths that instantly make his music strictly his own.

So when you’re there, finding him is simple: you hear loud disco beats, quirky rhythms and a crazier-than-usual crowd, you got your man.


Tracks to look out for:
– World, Hold On (with Steve Edwards)
– Love Generation (with Gary Pine)
– Everybody Movin (with Ron Caroll)
– Sound Of Freedom (with Gary Pine and Dollarman)
– Lala Song


4. Ladytron
Probably a sound you won’t immediately associate with Zoukout, Ladytron’s sheer presence at the party should instantly grab your attention as the unique and outstanding act that will certainly provide a calmer and more melacholic flavour to the usual excitement at Sentosa.

It’s the kind of thing you go for after having a few shots of tequila, start to get tipsy, and just feel like swaying to a melodic blend of synths and hi-hats that just scream (or in this case, whisper) Shoegazing and New Wave elements. Dreamy vocals and a deep pulse of the band complete a wonderful and up-in-the-cloud atmosphere that might, at times, prompt you to take a break from the dancing and just appreciate the melody at its purest. If a picture says a thousand words, a melody would most certainly sing a thousand lyrics in Ladytron’s case.


Tracks to look out for:
– Ace of Hz (theme song for Fifa 11)
– Burning Up (theme song for Fringe TV series)
– Ghosts
– Runaway
– Seventeen (theme song for Fifa 09)


– Bjorn Teo

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