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The sophomore installation of You Are Love acknowledges the presence of dark secrets harboured by individuals like you and me.

A cold-hearted criminal. A seemingly innocent adolescent. A passionate teacher. Or even a saint-at-heart. Everyone possesses secrets that they do not want to talk about; with some seemingly darker than others. These days, hiding skeletons in the far-end of a closet is becoming a frequent affair. Constantly fearing that these unspeakable secrets may emerge and see the light of day can be extremely draining, both emotionally and mentally. Hiding then lying: just another vicious cycle in this modern age.

Holing up can get incredibly taxing. In time, we have to learn that the acceptance of our secrets and moving on is probably for the best. Dwelling in the past will never prove to be helpful; much less healthy for our well-being. Talk is cheap, but we believe that with time and determination, anyone and everyone is able to escape from their darker past.

The palms covering certain parts of the models’ faces represent the notion of hiding; whereas the bright colours signify the emergence of positivity. We believe that the act of accepting and coming to terms with who we are in spite of our pasts will provide for a comforting feeling of liberation, in turn alleviating our heavy hearts.


Photography by Shavonne, Make up and Hair by Rowene

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