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Presenting our inaugural photo series.

In this first installation, we are subtly touching on various aspects of physical and sexual child abuse. Through similar literary and artistry expressions, we will acknowledge the existence of these underwhelmed issues.  As victims relate their experiences, ACTUALLYMAG wants to tell them that they are not alone. There are people out there who care; waiting and wanting to share their emotional burden, and for us to tell them this: YOU ARE LOVE!

Isolation, pain, intimidation and frustration are synonymously associated to the various acts of abuse: The act of one mistreating another, showing disrespect for their integrity or innate worth as individuals, and in a manner that degrades their physical and emotional well-being.

As we lead a life of frivolity and ignorance, the act of sweeping unwanted feelings under the rug has become a one too common solution. It never solves the issue at hand. Many people are still suffering the ill fate of abuse under the manipulative hands of abusive individuals.

While an individual may suffer greater consequences of abuse than another, there should be no shame involved in facing the extent of impact dealt.

Victims have little to no control over their abuse, or how it impacts them. However, what they are able to do is to seek help, and to make the commitments necessary to help themselves recover. The process to recovery can be tumultuous and tedious; but it is these commitments that make the difference, the turning point that might change their lives for the better.








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