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Wu Lyf | Go Tell Fire to the Mountains

Rating: 4/5


Style: Lo-fi, heavy pop, psychedelic, experimental


Similar artists: Cults, Iceage, Youth Lagoon


World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation (abbreviated as Wu Lyf; pronounced woo-life) might sound a tiny bit morose, but these four kids sing songs of amazing encouragement. At least for the music scene. Based in Manchester, England, the band isn’t so much a band as they are an elaborate sonic statement.

Go Tell Fire to the Mountains upon first listen is an amalgam of almosts, taking on a sheer, amniotic character. Treat the album like a layering piece under your structured jacket. This is the sort of album that almost (see again use of the word almost) quantifies itself as your default travelling companion for the next week or so, simply because it goes with just about anything. I personally watched many an argument go on during my morning commute with the album playing, and the experience was interesting, to say the least.

If there’s something that the album does live up to, it’s the hype of its creators. Most tracks on the album feature drawn out melodic eulogies on the organs, which is ironic because these both serve as a beginning and an end to each song. The songs are not to be approached with a pre-constructed impression of what they’re going to sound like. That sort of approach is going to leave the listener very, very confused.

Go Tell Fire represents the raw, dirty reality of duality. Vocalist Ellery Roberts evokes a glut of different emotions with each garbled word that escapes his mouth. While he screams ‘I love you forever!’ in opening track L Y F, the listener is inclined to raise an eyebrow and possibly feel uncomfortably aroused. Make no mistake, the style of vocals employed by the band will not be universally well received, but they complement the kind of youth-empowering message the entire album is perpetuating with each echoey track.

– Jolin

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