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Worlds Apart Art Fair 2013


The Worlds Apart Fair began on Friday, the 25th of January and lasted for three days at the Conrad Centennial Hotel in Singapore. It featured artworks from all over the world, ranging from local artists such as Eunice Lim and the crew of Vertical Submarine to established art galleries from abroad such as the Damina Gallery and the Charlie K. Art Space. The first-ever Hotel Art Fair was held in New York City in 1994. The concept soon became popular in Asia, with the first few Hotel Art Fairs being held in Seoul, Hong Kong, and now for the first time, Singapore.

The by invite-only VIP reception on Friday evening saw many household names in Singapore and around the world in attendance. From local celebrities such as Joanne Peh to fine artists themselves, those present graced the hallways, corridors, and bathrooms of the 23rd and 24th floors of the Conrad Centennial. They viewed the pieces on display while enjoying complimentary wine.

Drastically different from the aloof interiors of art galleries, the novelty of viewing and purchasing art in the cozy environment of a hotel room was a welcome change to many of the attendees. The informal setting meant that you could speak your mind, as well as get to know the artwork better from the artists and curators themselves in a more relaxed setting. Collectors also get a chance to better envision the pieces in homes and other private settings.



One artist that I spoke to in particular, Freddie Thomas, told me how happy she was to have the public take interest in her work. She had not sold any pieces yet at the point of time when we had our conversation, but she told me the experience of having her work well-received by people was all she needed for her to feel fulfilled. She felt that the point of an art exhibition should not merely be about selling art, but to showcase it. With tickets priced at a mere $10 each, the Worlds Apart Fair saw many from the general public coming in to dip their feet in the world of fine arts. The fair allowed rising local artists to receive the exposure that they deserve and fine art was able to reach out to the masses.


On the whole, I must say that the Worlds Apart Fair was pleasant experience and an innovative new idea for an art exhibition.




Text & Images by: Nishanthini Ganesan




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