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WILL | Yellow Ribbon Community Art Exhibition 2012


The Yellow Ribbon Community Art Exhibition 2012 provides a platform for inmates and ex-offenders to express their hopes and aspirations through art, showcase their artistic talents, foster closer family relationships and reach out to the community. Themed “Will”, the exhibition is inspired by sense of determination, strength and purpose to strive in the journey of rehabilitation and reintegration.


Every year, about 9000 ex-offenders complete their sentences and are released from prisons and drug rehabilitation centres.  Many of them, once released, find themselves literally stepping into second prison. Log on to www.yellowribbon.org.sg to know more about Yellow Ribbon project.


You Are Love is about acceptance, no matter who you are and what you have done in life.
You Are Love is about living one’s life to the fullest and achieving their dreams.
Here are some stories behind the inspiring artworks.



Free Will by Zyano

 Although hope is something everyone feels, the artist feels that her lack of determination has made her hold back from achieving what she hoped for. What she hopes for now is to be able to let go and not dwell on her past. She hopes to one day change herself and contribute to society.




I’m A Good Man by AMAZING TING

 The Chinese ideograms read “I’m A Good Man”. The artist firmly believes that his entire life would not be mistake because of one mistake he had made. This artwork reflects his will to learn from that past instead of living with regard, and to learn from the cost of his mistakes. If also reflects his will to change his lifestyle with the support of his loved ones. Finally, the artist is determined to treasure the second chance given to him, and to pay the goodness forward to others.




My Floating Dreams by MUBIN

 The three shoes represent the artist and his 2 children who are longer in his custody. He dreams to be united with them one day. This dream is what spurs him on to change himself. The entwined shoelaces encapsulate his enthusiasm and his will to change, and hopefully , his children’s willingness to accept him as their father.




Unwither Perseverance by NASH

 The blooming and withering of flowers depict life’s ups and downs.  To the artist, his life is full of such ups and downs.  As inmates struggle and hope to be accepted by society , the artist questions whether society has the will to accept them, and give them the chance to bloom into beautiful individuals. The withering flowers represent the failures in his past, but hope springs up through the blooming buds. The artist knows that he cannot change the past, but he is determined to change the future.




The More the Merrier (1) by B

 This artwork represents the artist’s longing and desire to be accepted by society again. The red berries, forming a heart shape to surround the blueberry, portray the acceptance and care of the community without the barriers of “colour-coding ” and stigmatisation. The dominance of red signifies warmth, compassion, energy and life. The underwater setting symbolises the volume and capacity of love that can make a difference in someone’s life. The bubbles represent his will to dare to hope that dreams can become reality. The reflection of the berries in the water above the heart represents his will to reflect and cherish what he has at present. The artist continues to count every berry and every blessing, everyone.




First Touch by SUCI

 This painting is the artist’s first foray into the artistic world. he drew inspiration from the familiar figures painted by famous artists that he saw in newspapers. Halfway through his art work, the artist actually received an award for “Worst Painting” by other inmates. However, he persevered to  finish his painting. This painting hence represents his will and passion as an artist, and his determination to continue to paint with his feelings, no matter what others say about him.




I Hear But Am I Listening by NIC

 This artwork depicts the artist’s realisation that ignorance as a life philosophy led to his past mistakes. His desire to listen only to approving compliments of his acts and his tuning out of criticisms led him to his present state. He now wills to make sel-awareness his dominant philosophy and dedicated all his will to accept constructive criticisms and to build up strong character.




Tools Of Virtue by AX

 The journey of life is not easy, with obstacles along the path. To the artist, the tools required for this journey are not of the material form, but those of willpower, determination and perseverance. This artwork depicts the artist’s will to use these tools to repair his broken past, break his vices and achieve his goals.




I Will by VANA

 The faces depict the individuals that the artist has disappointed, the lives that he has wasted, and the tears that he has shed. However , he will continue to strive to mend broken relationships,  build up his broken dreams and fix his disrupted career.




Tango Cherubim by REIVAX

To the artist, he is the black angel – the fallen angel who has gone through cycles of rejection and criticism. However, he believes that if he admits  and accepts his flaws, he will one day be accepted. With the help of “good angels” in society, he can once turn good.




Optimist Will by REYNI

 To the artist, there is good in every person. One does not know how great one can be or what one can accomplish. As such, unless one wills and believes for a better future, it is unlikely tha tone would step up and take responsibility for it. Like the plain white cloth the hand is holding out, there is a potential in every person to become a masterpiece.



There are more artworks available at the exhibition.
Head down to the Singapore Arts Museum by 30th September. This is a showcase not to be missed!


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