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Bauhaus = The famed German design school  or the goth music band leaded by Peter Murphy from Northampton? The answer is not easy and it may represent a genuine case study in the history of copyright. Afterall the Bauhaus band indeed adopted the logo from the Bauhaus school designed by Oskar Schlemmer as their official logo. (Teachers+Logo+Bauhauspanel pics)

No heirs from the Weimar-Dessau school brought the English band to the court for copyright infringement? I don’t think so. The same can be told about a collective of young designers who named themselves “my Bauhaus is better than yours.” Buahaus is anyway a source of inspiration – and an icon too – whatever meaning you can give to the word.

I saw both facets of Bauhaus in Seoul once again, one of the most cutting edge fashion week around the world.

The School. In their own words, both Leigh or Groundwave claim that they took their inspiration from the Weimar school. Leigh go further with a tribute also in the soundtrack, the Neue Line by dj DGuru.

The Band. The two “enfants terribles” of Korean menswear, “Resurrection” by Juyoung Lee (who styled the look for Marilyn Manson in the past and now for the Black Eyed Peas) and “Dominic’s Way” by Hye Myung Song. I had the pleasure to meet both designers and they confirmed me their dark-goth-punk background as well as passion.

Both cases creativity pays!

So, which Bauhaus?

Gabriele Gattozzi

( Pictures from top to bottom: Teachers at Bauhaus School, Bauhaus Logo, Bauhaus Band, LEIGH runway look, GROUNDWAVE runway look, RESURRECTION runway look, Gabriele & the designer, Juyoung Lee, DOMINIC’S WAY runway look, Gabriele & the designer, Hye Myung Song)

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