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The Whimsical Rainbow Village in Taichung



Unlike any other tourist who came to Taiwan, I came to experience the fast paced life in the urban jungle. Though of course, there were other main reasons why I was excited about visiting this island nation as I wanted to see Taipei 101 and feast on Taiwan’s delicious street food.

Whilst exploring the city, I stumbled upon an interesting place, Rainbow Village, found in the outskirts of Taichung City, located in western Taiwan. Rainbow Village used to be a shelter for nationalist soldiers, given to them as gratitude for their service to the nation. Years later, the compound was converted to residential houses.




As history has it, the local Taichung government threatened to demolish the place one day and in order to save it, Hung Yung-Fu, more commonly known now as Grandpa Rainbow, picked up his brush and started painting the village’s walls, filling it with colors and drawings. The 92 year old man tactics eventually saved the village from being torn down.

Grandpa Rainbow’s drawings and illustrations exude nothing but pure joy and happiness. The characters seen on the windows, walls and ground were made especially distinct to one another.




Rainbow Village is quickly picking up as one of the top tourist destinations in Taichung.
Like what would Grandpa Rainbow say “Add color to your life”,  you have to visit this colorful and truly whimsical place in order to experience the jubilant joy of its surroundings.


How to get there:

– From Taipei, you can take the local bus bus or Taiwan’s High Speed Rail to Taichung City
– Once you are in Taichung, the easiest way to go to Rainbow Village (彩虹眷村) is by taxi
*Note*  Taxi drivers may not know the place as Rainbow Village so try showing them the address below:

No. 34, Lane 56, Chūnān Rd, Nantun District


Text & Images by: Cristina Raposa



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