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The genius behind "ECOSHOP"

Hailing from the land of smiles, Thailand, Pipat Apiruktanakorn is the wondrous jack of all trades who had his hands in everything you would have ever dreamt of – and be successful in it. Acting career, check. Movie role, check. Environmentalist, check. And now, he has started up his own shop, “Ecoshop”, that stocks his award winning eco product designs amongst other related cool stuff.

We got him to share with us his beginnings and more.

Tell us about your background.

I am currently juggling between being a designer and a TV host. For my academic credentials, I hold a Degree in Design (Product Design) and an MBA in Marketing.

What kinds of designs do you explore?

My focus is on product and furniture design.

How did you get yourself involved with the numerous job offers after your graduation?

Whenever an opportunity presents itself to me, I try to attempt each one to my greatest capabilities, and also the delegation of time is extremely important.
You own a shop named “Ecoshop”. Could you tell us why you opened this shop and what do you sell?

As a design student, I have also dreamt of making and selling my own products. When I have finally achieved success with my eco product designs, I found myself in a spot not knowing where to sell my products as there is a serious lack of shops selling products akin to mine. Thus, I decided to open “Ecoshop”, which is Thailand’s first shop with a variety of award winning eco-friendly designed products.

How did you get involved in TV hosting?

Before I started devoting myself fully into design, I used to act in movies, work in TV shows, DJ-ing and working as a TV host. Eventually, I realized what I enjoyed most was working as a TV host.  Till this day, I try my best to be an innovative designer and an ever evolving TV host.  Even though they are not exactly co-related, I get to work my passions and that is simply awesome.

What are the highlights from hosting the interior show?

I got to see many different styles of designs.

And what are the highlights from the travel show that you were working on?

I gained a lot of exposure and experience, and it certainly opened my mind to the many worldly issues.

Between hosting the two separate genres of TV shows, which do you like better?

I enjoy hosting both equally much.

With so many projects – TV hosting, shop tending and lecturing – how do you manage your daily routines?

I write them down in my organizer and try not to get confused.

Who in Thailand inspires you?


Full name : Mr. Pipat  Apiruktanakorn
Ecoshop address and website   : contact@ecoshop.in.th and www.ecoshop.in.th
Full-time profession :  Designer and TV host

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