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The Beautiful People of Istanbul


Istanbul, Turkey;
a vibrant city full of rich history, dazzling buildings, lip-smacking food and its beautiful people.

One of the many perks about traveling alone is meeting the wonderful locals from all walks of life, whether you are purchasing food, appreciating art at the museums or simply asking for directions
to your destination. On my recent day trip in Istanbul for a one day layover before my flight to Sweden, I decided to put my brand new camera to good use and photograph the beautiful locals around the
bustling city. Most of the locals when asked if I can photograph them were ungrudging and voluntary. There were even a handful who made small talks with me after I snapped their pictures and offered to take
me around the city. I was amazed with how warm and hospitable the people of Istanbul are to tourists such as myself and it left a lasting impact when I left the city.


Not only did I just visited one of the world’s most charming cities with beautiful architecture, but I met the beautiful locals too who made my day trip unforgettable.

Text & Images by: Paul Khor

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