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SHARP Colour

If you think wearing colour has never been your thing and am secretly afraid of looking like a clown… breathe, heave and be relieved. Here’s how not to fail. Every season, fashion moves forward by borrowing from the past and designers “re-interpret”, “update”, “mode-rnise” just so that there’s something looking new and current. For Spring/Summer 2011, the splashes of loud pantone shades scream for attention like traffic objects and when you’ve figured out the accessories to co-ordinate the outfit, what about the face? It will make or break the look, treading on a narrow fence between the outlandish 1980’s or losing your face identity to all the distractions going on neck down. Admit it, face value is worth most at the first glance.

Think Sharp

As if wielding a razor pair of tailor scissors to create those defined, form fitting nip tucks to an outfit, imagine the make-up brush doing that to your face. Those patches of diffused multi-colours are as yesterday as the iconic Singapore Girl’s look. Instead, work on only one face feature to accentuate its definition; brows, eyeliner, sculpted cheekbones or lips. Like most art forms, a good steady hand and firm brushes will help to draw the lines. Use emollient based products or wet your powder make-up for the sharpest line definition. Most importantly, please make up your mind about your brows; are they really there or not?

Wear Monochrome

No matter how trendy is cobalt, blue lips should never leave stage. Hence, always pick the attention grabbing colour before the face feature as a focal point. Only hot neon shades from the orange-red-pink colour spectrum apply to lips. Love the panda eye colour block on the ad campaigns? Be resigned to know that it only stays true on print, even most models can’t wait to wipe off the painstakingly brushed on art before they dare step out on the streets. Most people though will look good with a bold, solid coloured eyeliner, drawing interest to the pair of sparkles. Be it lips or eyes, manipulate the texture to add volume by popping up with gloss or mute it with a matte finish.

Clean & Clear

To avoid the theatrics, keep rest of face bare with sheer powder or light tinted moisturiser. Lighten blemishes and brows with a liquid concealor. If you alternate the daily looks between eyes, lips, brows as the focal point, while varying the spring colour palette, the creative possibilities should amuse you daily throughout the entire season.

Rowene Law

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