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RUMER Through The Grapevine

Rumer spent the very early years of her life in Pakistan. Being the youngest of seven children who found themselves living in a foreign expat colony, with no TV or newspapers. Instead of running wild with other kids in the enclosed community, she seeks solace in music.

Recounting all her harsh tribulations which includes feeling adrift at school, unsure of a new society that she had no connection to… Rumer found comfort in musical inspirations from old films. It is an influence you can hear in the likes of ‘Slow’ and ‘Come To Me High’. Growing up, realization struck her. For it emerged that her biological father was not, in fact, the man she had been calling Dad. Rumer’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and soon died in 2003, she hit rock bottom. The lyrics of songs like ‘Healer’ document Rumer’s journey through grief.

According to the musician: “My songs have elements of that folk tradition which is what I grew up with. As surprising as it might sound when you hear her voice, not to mention her music, success was not handed to Rumer on a plate. She has fought long and hard to get her break. “You have to be tough,” she says. “I was constantly rejected, and I kept trying to improve. You see a lot of amazing musicians quit, because you have to sacrifice.”

Rumer’s luck changed when she met award-winning TV and musical composer Steve Brown. Together, Rumer and Steve began to bring to life a set of songs that anyone with ears is destined to fall in love with. Burt Bacharach soon heard of Rumer through the grapevine, and was so won over that he flew her to California and asked her to sing for him. “I cried with joy when I found out, “she says. “If Burt Bacharach says you’re good, you have to start believing you’re good too.”

Rumer’s hard work paid off as she finally released Seasons of My Soul, her self-penned debut album. According to her, “I’ve always felt a bit outside society,” she says. “I’m not concerned with what’s musically popular or fashionable, really. All I wanted was to make something of quality that would stand the test of time, that people could come back to, and that was rooted in authenticity. Because that’s the kind of music I listen to.” It’s taken Rumer a long time to get here, but now she’s finally out of hiding, you’d be hard pressed to think she got lucky.

Rumer “Seasons of My Soul” is available at both Actually… and actuallyactually.

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