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Project 2012 Old School Old Shoes

Old School, Old Shoes

There has been much talk about the preservation of ‘Old School’. I laud their efforts, as I would like to see this significant building intact. The question that is constantly on my mind is, “Are memories that tie the belonging of people to a place worth sacrificing in the light of economic benefits?” This is definitely a though and questions that requires elaborate discussion. From a macro level, there may be factors or considerations that I don’t understand, that I admit. However, on a micro level, I believe that I should be able to raise questions such as these. The ‘fight’ has been made and the verdict (so far) has been given. My office needs to relocate by June 2012.

Places can be demolished, but memories live on.

I champion being agile for the future but I think there’s a time and place for nostalgia – not in a hold-on-to-old-business-models way but in a personal-life-journey way. As a bid to preserve memories as an inspiration for the future, I’m starting “Project 20:12 Old School. Old Shoes” I would like to photograph shoes in the context of Old School and eventually select 20 shots of 12 pairs of shoes to be exhibited (place and medium to be confirmed). Shoes hold a very special meaning to me. I can remember every single pair of sneakers I had since college. Just thinking about them brings back memories of my life adventures, my travel experiences and the special places that they’ve brought me to.

If you’d like to join me in this, I am more than happy to collaborate with you. If you have a special pair of shoe(s) that remind you of specific memories in Old School, I’ll be glad to have them as “models” for the shoot. If you’re game to be a model (whether its your feet/legs/back), you’re welcome to as well! This is purely an indie non-commercial arts project, so there’ll be no remuneration (just in case you’re wondering). Here are some of my previous works; Puma shoes in East TimorIndie fashion shoots.

I’m looking at March to April to do the shoots and will shortlisting the shoes from now till 29 February. If you’d like to be part of this project, drop me an email at jaelchng@gmail.com with a picture of the pair of shoe(s) and your memory of Old School.

Buildings can be torn down, but our memories of our journeys can be preserved.

For more on the inspiration behind this project, you can head to  http://jaelchng.wordpress.com/2012/01/13/project-2012-oldschool-oldshoes/


– Jael Chng




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