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FULL CIRCLE is the theme of MYRRH’s new collection for Fall 2016. This is also the

Singapore-based accessories label’s second collection.

Partly inspired by the bible verse from Philippians 1:6, the theme bears symbolic meaning to the

struggles and difficulties faced by the label since its debut. The idea of “full circle” points to

perseverance and sustenance through pure faith, and the belief that the One who plants the

seeds of the work will also bring the work to full completion.

Following MYRRH’s debut collection, Small Things – a collection of necklaces inspired by

geometry and structures – the second collection continues to explore wearable geometrical

forms. After a long time in gestation, each final design evolved from a basic circular element into

dynamic forms. The final 9-piece FULL CIRCLE collection features two earrings, two bangles,

four necklaces and a ring, made with 92.5 sterling silver.

The circular motif of the FULL CIRCLE collection embodies continuation (of the label) and

wholeness of spirit. It also signifies a completion of the label’s first year in the making and serves

as a reflection for the purpose and original intention of starting the label.

Product Description

92.5 sterling silver ring (Size 6)


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