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People in the World | Alexis Kwong

Alexis Kwong is a Hong Kong native who’s an interesting mix of Chilean and Chinese, speaks both Cantonese and Spanish, and knows the city inside out including its secrets, best hang out spots and shopping highlights.

ActuallyMAG speaks to Alex to find out a little bit more about the man and the city he loves.


How long have you been living in Hong Kong?
Alex: Born and raised here and lived here all my life (well, almost).


What exactly do you do?
A: Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Tiger Gate Entertainment – we have 2 TV channels KIX and Thrill.


Music you listen to now?
A: The Battles, Digitalism, Tom Vek..


Your friends like you because…
A: Not sure really – maybe I am sometimes peculiar?



Your recommended hotels

A: Hullet House, converted from the old Marine Police Building in Tsim Sha Tsui, a heritage building overlooking the harbour. There are a total of 10 rooms, each with a different theme. They are all super nice and posh. It will cost you at least US$1000 a night though.



Your recommended restaurants (in your city)
A: My favourite little dumpling place called Wang Fu on Wellington Street in Central. They serve Pekinese style dumplings even better than anywhere in Beijing. My favourite is their Tomato and Egg Dumplings. Don’t confuse it with the copycat dumpling shop next door!



Your recommended café  (in your city)
A: Oolaa on Bridgest Street in Soho. Why? It’s spacious and has very good coffee, and it’s right in front of my apartment!



Your city’s Best Kept secret?

A: The bestest view of Hong Kong is not from the Peak, it’s from the top Tai Mo Shan in Kowloon. Tai Mo Shan is the highest peak of Hong Kong, located right in the centre of it. On a good day, you can see all the way to Hong Kong Island in the South and China in the North. And the best part? No tourists. No public transport though so you will have to drive or cab it.



We should visit your city because…
A: It has the best food in Asia, and no doubt the best Chinese food in the world.


The last 3 cities you visited?
A: Last 3 cities I visited for fun – Siem Reap, Ho Chi Minh and Pyongyang (yeah, it was fun).



Which city you plan to visit next?
A: Seoul! For one of my best friend’s wedding!



With the current community you are in, how do you stand out from the crowd?
A: I smile when I want something done. 🙂



Where is your hang out spot?
A: I hang out at home. Sounds boring but I live right in Soho – very convenient as a place to hangout with friends.



In your free time what do you like to do?
A: I practice Thai Boxing. Fought once at an interclub fight. Otherwise I always spend too much time on the internet.



What is your style?
A: Casual elegance. Fitted jeans most of the time.



Where do you like to shop (in your city)?
A: Kapok on Sun Street. They are great at selecting independent designers from around the world.



What are your inspirations in life?
A: I always look for challenges and continue to learn and improve myself. And try to sleep as much as possible.


– Jolin

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