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Vicky Chan

City you live in now,  How long have you been living there?

Auckland, New Zealand. It has been 18 years since I first moved here when I was 10.


I am the Owner/Buyer of Children of Vision, Generalcucumber.com, and a crazy pharmacist.

What languages do you speak?

English, Cantonese, Mandarin and a bit of Japanese.

Your mother tongue?


Music you listen to now?

Florence + The Machine.

Your friends like you because…

I am a free spirit, insanely mental, blunt, honest, confusing and unpredictable.

Your recommended hotels ( in your city)

Mollies – www.mollies.co.nz & Hotel DeBrett – www.hoteldebrett.com

Your recommended restaurants (in your city)

Coco’s Cantina – www.cocoscantina.co.nz, Andiamo Herny Bay – www.andiamo.co.nz & Mudbrick on Waiheke Island – www.mudbrick.co.nz

Your recommended café  (in your city)

Alleluya Bar & Café @ K Road.

Your city’s Best Kept secret (anything from places to food, or things normally tourist do not know)

Amazing Artists/ Young talents that people may not get to find out and know, Erin Forsyth – http://thebusynice.tumblr.com, James Dobson – www.jimmyd.co.nz, Glen Prentice – glenprentice.blogspot.com, Areez Katki – www.areezkatki.com

Contemporary spaces/galleries that most tourist do not know and get to see; i.e. Gus Fisher Gallery, Michael Lett Gallery, Artspace Gallery, Ivan Anthony Gallery

The nature;  i.e. Nikau Caves, in the beautiful Waikaretu Valley, the surf beach in Muriwai. Motuihe Island.

We should visit your city because …

New Zealand is the last paradise on earth I believe.

The last 3 cities you visited.

Maldives, Colombo, Hong Kong.

Which city you plan to visit next.

Male, Maldives in May 2011 – I left part of my soul there, I have to go find it again.

With the current community you are in, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Be true to yourself, make mistakes, be a fearless supporter of the unusal, avant garde and intellectual.

Where is your hang out place?

K Road, my store (Children of Vision) with all the crazy crowds.

In your free time what do you like to do?

Read, Dream, Think, Eat, Travel, Love.

What is your fashion style

Unpredictable, unconventional, ever-changing – sometimes chic, sometimes black, sometimes feminine, sometimes vintage, whatever I feel right for the moment.

Where do you like to shop (in your city)

Children of Vision, Miss Crabb, Scotties.

Your inspiration in life ( eg. live life to the fullest , or a quote)

“ Life is short, be brave, take risks, live your dream and wear your passion. Nothing can substitute experience. This is your world, shape it or someone else will”

What phone (brand) are you using now

Hate to say, iPhone.

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