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Pass it forward: Fitness Trainer Safran regards personal fitness as a means of inspiration

Take one look at fitness trainer and model Safran Halimi, and immediately you see a product of intensive training, a result of years of diligence, discipline, and motivation to perfect the one part of anyone’s life that they cannot live without: their own body.

However, behind the muscle lies a story of inspiration, a journey that began with humble beginnings. Safran, an ACE Certified personal trainer, shared with us his personal introduction into the world of fitness and physical maintenance.

Safran reflects: “In my early 20’s I was a skinny and weak guy. I was not in good shape. However, I was inspired so much when I noticed some of the physiques in a men’s physique competition held in Indonesia. They’re not bodybuilders, but still look very athletic. Damn, I wanna be one of them! I told myself always that I am gonna be one of the top competitors.”

Breaking into the fitness industry as a professional proved to be an uphill task for Safran, as standards were high and life as a fitness trainer was strict. “I used to think of giving up. It happened when I was yet to be a fitness professional because I had no knowledge in this field that time. All I had was confusion, and I didn’t know where to go.”

Another hurdle he had to overcome was actually committing to a career in fitness training, and that included getting the support of his family as well. “I was thinking for years about pursuing a career in the fitness industry. Finally I could convince myself and proved it. My family was so surprised that I can survive in this industry, because most people think this is not a good path for a career.”

In order to keep his shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle at the same time, Safran watches his food, but unlike what many think of fitness trainers and models, he does not have a strict and regulated diet! “I am my own dietician. Honestly I have no fixed diet at all. I always enjoy any meal. But I keep in mind not to overeat! Basically I eat a lot more than average people though it might seem weird that I am always in shape. I am considered very active person that’s why I have to eat a lot more to maintain my muscle mass.”

The only times where he keeps to a fixed diet is when he goes for competitions. “I have no strict rules for eating unless it is for a competition, in order to get down to a very shredded physique. I love training very hard in a smarter way so that I don’t kill myself. Simply speaking, I have to keep training regularly and eat wisely.”

So Safran may seem like just your average fitness trainer and model who participates for competitions, but there is a hidden side, a side that not many are aware of, yet one that he would like people to see him as. Safran has taken it upon himself to be more than a trainer, more than just someone who works out for his own personal benefit. One of his main goals of being a fitness trainer is actually to inspire others to live healthily like him.

“I commit myself to train properly to maintain a good physique because I know many others out there are looking at me as a role model of a healthy and active lifestyle. I try to always be in shape, so when people look at me in a picture, they will see the same in a real world. I love to inspire others.”

So don’t be fooled by all that muscle; there’s a real gem of a heart hidden in there. Safran’s aim is simple. Stay fit and healthy, and consequently, become a role model for others to follow in his footsteps. After all, as he puts it, “that’s my passion: to influence people to live healthier and more active life.”


– Bjorn Teo

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