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Joan As Police Woman – The Deep Field

Before I review this album, I’d first like to introduce this amazing woman.

Joan Wasser, the genius behind Joan as Police Woman, was the girlfriend of Jeff Buckley at the time of his death. An accomplished violinist, guitarist and pianist and a woman I now deeply respect.

As a general rule, I am attracted to the use of quirky and unconventional monikers. However, Joan as Police Woman, unusual as the name is, was not what caught my eye. What did it for me was the artistic videography for the “To be Loved” music video—it made me discover a woman who has lived up to the depiction of a one-of-a-kind artist. Joan Wasser has become a an artist that I have been proud to discover, especially for her album “To Survive”.

Naturally, my expectations for her new album “The Deep Field” were high—as was my anticipation for it. From the first video, “The Magic”, there is a clear discourse set of who she is. The song declares, “Nobody stops in love/how much I want you to love me/I run for love”. What a luscious album. Her control of her songs is simply effortless and is something I cannot help but love. What endears one to her music is her lazy singing style, and the erratic changes in her voice—with its rises and falls, raised voices and abrupt legatos—perpetuates the urge to go on one knee and beg for more.

My favourite tracks are “Human Condition”, “Kiss the Species” and “Forever and a Year”. Such dreaminess easily coerces me into a state of passion and wanting. Close your eyes and your desires and expressions are uninhibited, free to be expressed.

I must say that the gratuitous use of heavy electric guitars is slightly unnerving, especially in the song “Nervous”. The song seems drowned in distortion. With that ends the extent of my critiques for the album.

Listening to this singer/songwriter with her unique and soulful delivery always makes me wonder why one needs a strong love.

– Paul

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