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Interview with Peter of One Way & Team One Sound


Garbled English sentences will not be in any of this Korean group’s music, with their members being able to speak fluent English. Debuting in 2010, the trio One Way comprises of Peter, Chance and Young Sky, hailing from Australia and US. One Way has garnered a loyal following with their R&B/hip-hop music that possess what many describe as a “One Way sound” to them. Having performed in many countries such as Singapore, America and the Philippines, One Way has quite the international fanbase who are pining to have them back on stage. The members have also produced songs for other K-pop artistes, gaining them further recognition from fans of the other artistes.

We got the chance to interview the boy from down under, Peter Hyun, a member of One Way and part of production team, Team One Sound!


First things first, where’s Chance?

Chance has currently gone on a fishing trip to the Antarctic and is on an excavation to look for ice cubes for his scotch on the rocks. LOL!! Sorry… Just like our production team ‘Team One Sound’ Chance too has been very busy producing songs for top K-pop artists with the team he’s in (Double Side Kick).


How did One Way come about?

Three fellas from different musical backgrounds came together to do music and on the way made many friends to also produce songs for.


Before One Way debuted, each of you had your own thing going. What made you guys decide to form a group instead of going on your individual paths?

Solo and group has both its good and bad sides to it. When we first all met it was clear that we all had the same passion and vision for making music and rest was just history.

Who inspired you to be a singer?

Like many of my generation, I grew up watching Michael Jackson. The way he entertained and captivated audiences from all around the world was like no other. He was magical on stage and his energy was so electric. It’s why he’s missed so much right now.

However, song writing was very different for me. I started singing when I was 10. But at the age of 18 was when I started to write my own music. It was all thanks to an American R&B artist by the name of Musiq Soulchild. I was drawn into his style of writing because he seemed like he was talking with his lyrics while he was singing. Everything seemed so effortless. Mind you the first songs I wrote sound horrible and all over the place, but everybody starts from scratch so if I look back now… I’ve come a long way. But still I feel the need for improvement so I’m pushing on.

What do you prefer – dancing or singing?

To be honest I miss dancing. But realistically speaking I don’t know if I’ll dance that serious ever again. Dancing was what got me to love music, because without music there would be no life in dance. I can say dancing was the early chapter of my life and now singing and producing is where I’m at now. I love what I do and because of my early dancing life, it really helps me a lot when it comes to making music. Especially with the dance track, I know what dancers and movers want to hear.

Where do you get inspiration to write or compose songs?

I can get inspired by anything really. Just like anybody who is an artist… anything can trigger everything in the creative part of your brain. It’s all about putting everything together and finalizing it into a song that’s the hard part.

What are the difficulties you face when writing songs?

Like I said before anything can happen when writing music. You can have a really brilliant idea, but, giving a song a start/middle/end is the most hard part. Not to mention making the beats and the track is another different story. That’s why I really love our team (Team One Sound) when it comes to making music. Everybody is on the same page, we’re very enthusiastic about music and we feed off each other. Having a team that has good chemistry like that really helps and makes your job easier.

You’ve worked with several artists such as Miss A, Troublemaker and Super Junior. Have you ever gotten star struck?

Yeah for the first 5 seconds when you first meet them. But after that you put all that aside because you have to be professional about the whole situation when directing them. All these artists are all everyday people. They all have a heart and go through the same things in life as we do. It’s just that their profession is to make others happy.

You produced “Oppa Oppa” for Super Junior’s Eunhae and it gained wild popularity, particularly in Japan. Did you expect it to be that big?

No. That song was just to be a one off thing. It was just meant for Super Show. But it’s funny how things work out. The CEO of SM Lee Soo Man saw the performance and really loved the song and after that it was then promoted and it just blew up. Sky and I really did not expect that when we first wrote it.

A question on all of your fans’ minds – will One Way perform as 3 again?

I can’t make any promises. I say why wouldn’t we perform again as a 3? But as much as all 3 of us miss the stage, we love what we’re doing right now. We are all in a phase where we love creating new things for others and through the other music we write we hope our fans will appreciate our work too. We know all our fans are dying to see us 3 back on stage again but right now this is our chapter and what the next chapter holds… I can’t tell you . But what I can tell you is that where there’s music… the 3 of us will be there.

What are you up to these days and what can we expect from Team One Sound/One Way in the future?

Team One Sound has come a long way since Sky and I started our producing team 2 years ago. What started out as the 2 of us now has 2 more additions to our team (Jinoo and Na Young). We have many more surprises in store. I can’t say much right now but I can assure you there are many, many projects coming up both for Kpop and international. We can’t wait to show you what Team One Sound will do in 2014. Already the lineup is quite interesting.

As for One Way we will drop singles and other projects and collaborations here and there…

We’re here to Inspire and to be Inspired by all.


YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/onewayonesound

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onewayonesound

Twitter: PeterYoung SkyChance



Interview done by: Arynah Aminuddin

Images courtesy of Peter Hyun

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