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Childhood 6:16 Capsule Collection

Do you remember a time when things were simpler? When days just consisted of 4 things primarily: eating, sleeping, shitting and just generally having fun without a care in the world. What if you could revisit them?


Well, as far as we commercially know, time travel’s yet to be possible. Sadly. However, Gentle Mayhem, together with ATLASTA, might just have the next best thing: Apparel and accessories with a hint of childhood whimsy. And it’s all available throughout the two high street fashion brands’ latest collaborated collection, “Childhood 6:16”.


The idea behind “Childhood 6:16” is to take us back to our past—to be more specific, our years from childhood to mid-adolescence (6 to 16)—and explore the collection’s key themes of childhood play, gaming addiction and ‘playing with fire’.


This collection, set to be released on the 10 Feb 2018, promises a more ambitious take on each brand’s craft within every piece of the collection and is a great way to notch down Gentle Mayhem’s three-year milestone through showcasing the mastery of their craft, and their never-ending progress in the future.


Gentle Mayhem fans should expect higher levels of detailing than ever before up to a microscopic level only perceivable to robots and maybe Superman, or any normal human being with the assistance of tools capable of extreme magnifications. These will ensure that each decorative piece will stand the test of time. Call it durable or intricate, these gems are one-of-a-kind especially in today’s fashion world where attention to detail is scarce.


ATLASTA, on the other hand, aims to work hand-in-hand with Gentle Mayhem by accompanying the decorative trinkets with apparel to match, going for a two-pronged approach. The first going for illustrations inspired by ATLASTA’s roots and first ever collection featuring children inside the confines of a video game world. The other design is going towards a more cinematic approach having ‘subtitle-esque’ quotes running through a variety of iconic movie scenes to tickle your memories a little bit and really dig into the greatest ones.


The launch of the collection will occur at Gentle Mayhem’s 3rd Anniversary Party happening on Saturday, 10 Feb 2018, and YOU, lovely readers, are invited! Event details below.


The tagline for the new collection is, “We didn’t know we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.” So, attendees to the evening are sure to be given a chance to reconnect with their own childhood yearnings and recollections in profound and even unexpected ways.


So, what are you waiting for? RSVP here and come join us for an evening of fun, excitement and most importantly, surprises!



Open to everybody.

Venue: Actually at Orchard Gateway, 277 & 218 Orchard Road #03-18, 238858

Date: 10 February 2018

Time: 7 PM — 10 PM


RSVP here!


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