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Fifty Shades of Grey | Movie Review


Just two days before Valentines’ Day, Fifty Shades of Grey was released in theaters islandwide.

It is not surprising that many have approached this film for the wrong reasons;
some think they are in for a romantic feel-good film and hoping they will get lucky at the end of the date night, while others think there will be exciting and raunchy pornographic-like scenes. Truth to be told, they will all get disappointed in the end or worse; get outraged & disgusted.


Fifty Shades of Grey is certainly not your usual love story but more of a twisted and provocative one that raises questions on love, compromise and their boundaries. There is not much plot to begin with, but this film focuses more on its characters; their struggles and expectations as the unusual relationship between Christian and Anastasia intensifies. I’ve not read the book, but I’ve come to accept that films adapted from books can often be very different and usually for legitimate reasons; for example, we cannot expect to watch a half-an-hour explicit sex scene as it will possibly end up boring the audience.


I like the pacing of the film, the soundtrack of the film and the awkward chemistry between the two leads; it is appropriately awkward since it is an unusual relationship after all. I also notice some intricate details – how Anastasia plays with the Grey pencil with her mouth in a few early scenes, hinting a certain obvious and also the significance of Christian’s Grey tie, which he uses for certain pleasures & possibly gets ‘tied down’ emotionally but refuses to admit it.


Perhaps for Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s either you get it or you don’t. For those who do not, they possibly fail to or simply refuse to accept reality that in life, people of such nature and preferences do exist. From the sniggers in the audience, I too understand the possibility of some females who secretly enjoy (or fantasize) a certain type of action in the bedroom. To me, I don’t see it as anti-feminist and neither is it advocating rape and violence, as certain specifics had been laid down very clearly throughout the film. If so, many other films today would be many times guilty of such advocacy.


I agree this is not the most exciting film by far, but it is worth exploring with an open mind. And when I say explore, I mean go deeper.

Text by:Don Foong
*Images sourced from Google Images

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