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Feline Amalgamation | KittyWu x MONSTER CAT

For those of you who’ve read our review of the Arms and Sleepers gig on the 9th of June (if not, you probably should; just a suggestion. Well actually you should read it right now, but we’re not trying to be obnoxious about it) you’ll know we were immediately enamoured by the introspective and enigmatic musical offerings of the local opening act, MONSTER CAT.

Despite the name, MONSTER CAT are far from pussies. Taking inspiration from artists ranging from The Smashing Pumpkins to Fever Ray, MONSTER CAT’s imitation of these artists fails in a profoundly awesome kind of way and has instead created a sound that is distinct, poignant and all their own.

Formed early this year, they have gone on not just to open for US ambient electronic act Arms and Sleepers, but have also released their EP Mannequins where questions, doubts and personal fears were the foundation for the band’s debut release. The title track ‘Mannequins’ best sums up the band’s musical style: textured, intense and evocative.

KittyWu Records, on the other hand, was formed way back in 2007 to cater to the growing demand for electronic and instrumental experimental rock in Singapore. KittyWu Records focuses on electronic pop and instrumental rock, but also welcomes other progressive music genres into the family.

Naturally, things fell into place. With talent like that, how could it not? KittyWu Records are now a proud mama all over again and have welcomed MONSTER CAT into their furry kitty arms. We’re really happy for you guys! Although we’re a little bummed that you didn’t invite us to the baby shower.

– Jolin

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