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Ellie Goulding Halcyon Days | Review



With 10 brand new tracks, the re-mastered edition of Ellie Goulding’s Halcyon is not just another run of the mill deluxe edition album.  Instead, the new album, titled Halcyon Days, makes up for whatever Halcyon lacked. For those of you who have heard the tracks on Halcyon, you would know that majority of the songs centered on relationships and a lot of other heavy emotional stuff. Such songs include My Blood, Figure 8 and I Know You Care.

However, the extended version features really positive and chirpy sounding stuff. This can all be attributed to the fact that Ellie worked with the likes of Nate Reuss and Ryan Tedder. Starting out with lead single, Burn, Ellie wins listeners over with the addictive and extremely upbeat chorus. The melody itself is gorgeously uplifting.

Up next, we have the co-written track with Nate Reuss (of .fun) named Goodness Gracious. Once more, the chirpiness is evident here. Now, although the lyrics of this piece deals with a love that cannot seem to be forgotten, the bright and cheery melody that accompanies it is a stark contrast that seems to work nicely.


Now, what’s an Ellie Goulding album without the electronic elements to it? Tapping on the talents of Madeon and DJ Fresh, Ellie shows her love for electronic music with bass thumping songs like Stay Awake and Flashlight.

To slow things down a little, Ellie adds on a ballad that is both beautiful and heartbreaking. Hearts Without Chains seems to speak of the difficulties in a long distance relationship. My favourite part is the build up to the epic chorus that made the song a lot more powerful.

However, the one track I absolutely adore is the lush sounding Midas Touch. Along with her cover of Alt-J’s Tessellate, Ellie did her own rendition of the hit song done by 80s band, Midnight Star. Featuring British producer Burns, the track still retains its 80s vibe (just listen to the back up vocals!) to it but is given a slight modern makeover with the synth swirls.

Overall, Halcyon Days is an earnest remastered album that fully dismisses the theory that all electronic pop songs are shallow ones. Instead, each and every one of Ellie’s tracks on Halcyon Days has a profound underlying meaning despite their euphoric melodies.


Text by : Atika Lim



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