Actually EVERYDAY Collection

EVERYDAY / Beauty in the simplest things. As we go about our daily lives, we get drawn into our little world, slogging for the future. More than often, we forget to take a step back, see all that is happening around us and enjoy the moment. To celebrate Actually’s 10th year anniversary this year, we embarked on this project we named ‘EVERYDAY’ to commemorate the beginning of this rewarding journey, all that helped bring us here today, and the engaging conversations with all of you whom we crossed paths with. As we reminisce the years of hustling, we are being brought back to our roots, the DNA of who we really are; being real, honest and practical.

EVERYDAY is a monochromatic collection showcasing a range of basic wear for the everyday life. We want to point the spotlight onto the things that stuck with us through the years, that plain white tee, that same black trousers. Conceived from our love for minimal and timeless silhouettes, and the little details that no one paid enough attention to, EVERYDAY will feature a series of quality unisex t-shirts, t-shirt dresses, shorts, trousers, shirts, underwear and socks. Just like returning home, the place we feel most ourselves, we want EVERYDAY bring the same kind of comfort and familiarity to the wearer. WE MADE EVERYDAY FOR YOUR EVERYDAY.