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Daisy McCrackin

Actresses turned singer-songwriters may be a dime a dozen these days, but what sets newcomer, Daisy McCrackin, apart from the rest are the sheer facts that: 1. She has a kickass last name, and 2. That is her real last name.

And of course, with a name like that you can only expect the good stuff; and indeed she duly delivers music unlike the majority of disposable pop icons spilling out of Hollywood’s orifices.

McCrackin’s new album, God Willing, plays out in a compelling mélange of part gothic fairy-tale, part heartbreaking autobiography. Her silky smooth vocals are accompanied beautifully with classic folk elements à la harmonicas and tambourines, producing an effortless calming and soothing effect as she serenades her way through each song.

Various lyrical references to myths and fairytales set her songs against hazy dreamscapes where clicking one’s heels becomes an act of faith, and the moon, an enigmatic temptress. The single ‘I Think I’m a Ghost’ is quietly haunting and tugs surreptitiously at one’s heartstrings. However, the standout tracks for me are ‘Ladykiller’s Wife’ and ‘The Moon’, which are quite unlike anything I’ve heard from the recent slate of new artists.

Given her fiery red hair and distinct vocals, comparisons to Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine are inevitable; and indeed, she sounds curiously like Florence after a hit of Ambien – which is by no means a bad thing. Parities with Laura Marling and Joni Mitchell would also not be far off.

McCrackin’s relative newness to the music scene should by no means be mistaken for an indication of inexperience; especially having already garnered the notice of industry insiders pegging her as the ‘real deal’. The maturity and depth displayed in ‘God Willing’ is the product of someone who has set her sights on world domination; one discerning listener at a time. Okay, maybe not as diabolical, but I’m certain that this is just the beginning of what we can come to expect from her.

– Yishu

Photo credit: Stephanie Schneider

MP3: Daisy McCrackin – I Think I’m A Ghost

MP3: Daisy McCrackin – The Moon

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