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Commute Sketchers—Looking up from our digital world

In a world plagued with mobile phones and convenience gadgets, there’s barely any reason or need to actually look up from our handheld devices. However, we wouldn’t be able to say that, had no brave souls actually done the unthinkable: keep our mobile phones in our pockets and observe the day-to-day public commuters.


Commute Sketchers is a group of avid artists who doodle when they’re on buses, trains and even on aeroplanes. Their sketches have been showcased at various Bus interchanges around Singapore depicting what one would expect to see, or in this case, what the artists saw when they looked up during their daily commute to observe the common crowd—unsurprisingly, it is of people with staring down to their handheld devices.


Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/rail-life-art


Looking at the silver lining of the technological era, however, the group started on Facebook to grab the attention of other like-minded and self-driven artists to also contribute to this art style. However, many of the members have already done the “sketching on-the-go” concept long before the founding of the group.


Actually has managed to conduct email interviews with some of their members to help us understand more of what these watchful artists do and maybe give us a different perspective from what we see on our digital screens. You’d think that people would be bothered and feel their privacies were being invaded but surprisingly, after hearing the artists’ sentiments, Actually learnt that members of the public started getting too distracted to even notice, over time.


Stay tuned for our exclusive interviews!


Commute Sketchers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/commutesketchers/about/

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