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Chris Levine / LIGHT


I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I went for the Chris Levine / LIGHT exhibition. After all, as an exhibition that incorporated light in all the works, surely the pictures couldn’t fully capture the beauty of the masterpieces from the revolutionary light artist Chris Levine? As it turns out, there was so much more to them that couldn’t be captured by the lens, although these pictures do give an excellent representation.


The exhibition showcased works in a range of media including light sculptures, lightboxes, photographic prints, laser light installations and holographic works. Entering the dimly lit exhibition felt like entering another dimension; it certainly wasn’t like a typical exhibition. Upon entering, the first work that my eyes fell on was a 3D holographic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. It was impeccably realistic, like the Queen herself was looking at me from the frame. Her eyes would be trained on yours regardless of what angle you looked at it from. There was also Levine’s well-known portrait of the Queen with her eyes closed, taken while she was resting. It displayed a raw side of the Queen, with her in a natural state of ease. Despite using light as his medium, the portrait was soulful and expressive.


The same could be said about his series She’s Light and Stillness at the Speed of Light with supermodel Kate Moss and Grace Jones respectively, both in a meditative state and nude. My favourite works in this exhibition were those that used LEDs directed at the viewer’s peripheral vision. As it utilised the viewer’s peripheral vision, the viewer had to look away from the LEDs in order to see the word. It was truly an amazing and unconventional way of appreciating art.


Levine has brought contemporary art to a new level, exploring light to create new ways of seeing and experiencing the world. He is one of the most in-demand contemporary artists working today, with his holographic portrait of the Queen featured on UK postage stamps and £100 commemorative bank notes to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. He has worked with many respectable figures from the fashion, music and art industry, as well as world-renowned organisations such as Cartier, Swarovski, Asprey and Tom Ford.


Chris Levine/ LIGHT exhibition will be at Collectors Contemporary from 9 January to 22 February 2014.



Text by: Arynah Aminuddin
Images courtesy of Collectors Contemporary



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