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Blown Away By Red Bull Flying Bach!

Red Bull Flying Bach - Pre-Premier Esplanade

Combining two things together might be disastrous or – like cronuts – they could result in something wonderful. The combination of classical music and breakdance was certainly the latter, as shown by The Flying Steps at their inaugural Red Bull Flying Bach performance in Singapore.


Performing at The Esplanade from 16th to 18th January 2014, Germany’s most popular breakdance crew and four time Breakdance World Championships winners, The Flying Steps, immensely impressed the local audience with their breakdance moves. Red Bull Flying Bach brought us on the entertaining trail of six dancers and their teacher while the crew prepares for their big finals as tensions rise. The dancers portrayed their characters brilliantly through their movements, evoking laughter at funny points of the show and getting a collective gasp from the audience at a scene where a dancer was slapped.


Red Bull Flying Bach - Anna Solo with background crew


The dancers seemed to be able to spin endlessly, be it on their hands or on their heads. They moved in tune with the fluid music flowing from the fingers of pianist and Artistic Director Christoph Hagel. One might wonder how the strong, curt movements that are typical of breakdance and could possibly go smoothly with the soothing notes of classical music. The Flying Steps certainly proved that it was possible – they translated the melodious tunes of Johann Sebastian Bach’s The Well-Tempered Clavier into every step they did. The lone female dancer, Anna Holmstrom, added a dash of femininity to the show with her contemporary and ballet moves.


Besides the live music from Hagel, the concert also incorporated electronic beats that heightened up the lively atmosphere. The choreography became sharper, with the dancers hitting every move beat in time with the beats of the music. Towards the end, Holmstrom showed us another side to her dancing as she switched from contemporary to the more hard-hitting moves of hip-hop.


Red Bull Flying Bach - Full Crew for grand finale


Their show in Singapore was the first time The Flying Steps took their production to Southeast Asia, and to great reception. Their world tour has seen sold-out shows in many places like Sydney, Ukraine and Florence. Crossing borders with the art of breakdancing, performing to vastly different audiences, The Flying Steps proves how dance can bring people together.




Text by: Arynah Aminuddin

Images courtesy of Red Bull Content Pool


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