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Bangkok Shark Fins

Straight off the bat, I must clarify that I neither consume shark’s fin, nor condone illegal shark finning. In fact, I very much discourage it.

Since a friend introduced me to Bangkok Shark Fins restaurant almost ten years ago, it has become one of my regular haunts whenever I visit Bangkok. Shark’s fin aside, the other items on their menu are equally; if not, more delectable and indulgent.

I’m especially fond of their claypot noodles, which are prepared with the freshest ingredients. The divine combination of springy glass noodles with tossed garlic, spring onions and shallots immersed in thick gravy makes it an absolutely winning dish. The crab meat fried rice is flavourful and contains sizable chunks of egg and crab meat. The crab meat omelette is rich and would delight any omelette connoisseurs out there. As always, I complete my meal with a refreshing bowl of gingko nut soup that always manages to hit the spot.

The restaurant is a family business, and thus it is not uncommon to see members of the family running about the restaurant and popping in at random timings of the day. The owner, a man in his 60’s, will always be stationed behind the counter, while his sister and two sons help manage the restaurant. Daughters-in-law and grandchildren also swing by for visits every now and then. The atmosphere in the restaurant is very homey and unpretentious.

Nothing has changed in the ten years of my patronage. Each visit makes me feel like I’m having a meal at a friend’s place, rather than a customer dining in a restaurant. This quality is not something that is easily found even in top restaurants elsewhere in the world. The appeal of Bangkok Shark Fins lies in its appeal to nostalgia and familiarity, combined with its adherence to serving quality food made with tender loving care.

– Paul

218/3-4 Siam Square Soi 1
Rama 1 Rd. Patumwan Bangkok
Tel: 02 2500976 / 02 2510987

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