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Art Plural Gallery presents Regards Croisés: a selection of Asian Contemporary Art

Singapore, September 2011 – Art Plural Gallery is pleased to present Regards Croisés: a selection of Asian Contemporary Art, its second exhibition following the success of Avant Première. The exhibition runs from 7th October to 10th December, 2011.

Regards Croisés: a selection of Asian Contemporary Art, which literally means, ‘a cross- perspective of a selection of Asian Contemporary Art’, features fourteen highly influential artists from China, India, and Korea, and also includes French artist Fabienne Verdier who has been trained in China for more than ten years.

“Regards Croisés pays homage to contemporary artists whose works confront one another to create a narrative through issues of globalisation, industrialization, consumerism, environment, identity and individuality. The works are unparalleled embodiments of the cultural diversity in Asia, mediating the tale of Asia today,” comments Frédéric de Senarclens, CEO of Art Plural Gallery.

Born in 1975, Korean sculptor, Choi Xoo Ang has created a sight to marvel. The Dreamer Red, 2007, is an inference of a young female lost in reverie as the result of the yearning of an extraordinary life, motivated by the world of heavy consumption. At close observation, the expression of the character displays undeniable verisimilitude. The young artist drew inspiration from the fact that albeit diminutive the way a person is in a world of billions, she dreams big and craves for transcendence beyond average.

Indian artist, Lochan Upadhyay‟s Wedding Chair, 2009, satiates any need for beauty with its vivacious burst of colours and splendour. It is one that is unique to the marriage ritual for brides and grooms of the Vagad region in Western India. The iron, wood and foam assembly bound under colourful pieces of fabric symbolises the social structures that the Aryans had established in India‟s tradition – a reminder for a citizen to always be fully conscious of the societal construct that he lives in.

Chinese artist, Shi Jinsong reinvents baby products that are unexpectedly hostile. Shi‟s Baby Carriage, 2007, from the Na Zha series is a metaphor on which a baby should be like Na Zha, the legend from Chinese mythology, known to be an aggressive warrior armed with the armillary sphere and sash; transported by wheels on fire beneath his feet even though he is just a child. The baby carriage explores the need for an infant to be armed for the brutal world the instant he is borne. The gunmetal framework is what a new-born needs: a steel-esque exterior to brace him from obstacles, razor sharp cognition to make effective judgements, a switch-bladelike reflex adapt to the different situations that life throws in his way and innate sense of belonging to constant change. It is a powerful statement on the Chinese expectation for his heir to nurture a China of sovereignty; the global powerhouse in a burgeoning economy.

With L’Un, French artist, Fabienne Verdier, presents an interesting aspect to the exhibition. The only Western artist to have had been trained by the most outstanding masters in China for almost ten years, she has realized a synthesis between East and West; between ancient calligraphy art and minimal abstraction. Pioneering a new abstract, minimalist, radical and innovative ink painting, she mastered the expression of a spontaneity rarely seen in large format works like hers.
Regards Croisés: a selection of Asian Contemporary Art allows for its audience to engage in an introspective with the multiple facets of Asian art today through a range of mediums including sculptures, paintings, drawings, photography and mixed-media installation.

Exhibition Details:

Regards Croisés: a selection of Asian Contemporary Art*
7th October to 10th December,

2011 Art Plural Gallery 38 Armenian Street, Singapore 179942
Monday – Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm

*The show contains nudity, parental guidance is advised

For more information visit www.artpluralgallery.com


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