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All That Matters – YouTube Fanfest & Music Matters!

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Thousands of screaming girls, mostly teens, were packed into a hall. No, it wasn’t a One Direction concert but it might as well have been; They were screaming their lungs out just as loudly for YouTubers.

YouTube Fanfest Live with HP was just one of the events that took place on the week of 20th May 2014  during All That Matters. This year, All That Matters consisted of six events – Digital Matters, Music Matters, Social Matters, Sponsorship Matters, Music Matters Live with HP and YouTube FanFest with HP, all connected with one subject: content. It was an enriching and exciting week for creators, musicians and fans who attended the various events.


Music Matters Live with HP


Music Matters, the festival that attracts music lovers from all over, all with the common goal of enjoying and discovering music. Held over four nights, Music Matters saw over 6000 fans turning up at Clarke Quay to watch their favourite singers perform live, as well as music junkies? who came with the aim of discovering? new music. This year’s lineup included quite a number of local talents, including sub:shaman, The Pinholes and Gentle Bones. If you’ve been following us, you know we’re all about supporting local, and it was exhilarating to see them perform on a stage that was broadcasted live to the world! There were also country-formed lineups, such as K-pop Nightout and Canadian Blast, which attracted many fans from respective countries. Simply put, it was an event that blurred the lines between cultures, proving that music indeed is a universal language.


With so many performances happening simultaneously at several locations, there was no way we could catch all of them, so here are our top 3 favourites!


1. Bec Laughton
We were walking past Crazy Elephant when we heard a voice stopped us in our tracks. There was no way we could simply walk away without finding out where it came from. A peek inside showed Bec Laughton, singing soulfully to the crowd that seemed equally under her spell as we were. A petite lady from Australia, Bec had such a powerful voice that one has to wonder how she kept it all contained in her small build. Dressed casually in a shirt, shorts, and a checkered top tied around her waist, there was something very genuine in her performances that had us falling not just for her voice, but also her personality. She interacted with the audience in a way that wasn’t superficial – there was a connection with them that made her performance more enjoyable. Needless to say, we completely forgot where we were initially headed to and settled down for the rest of her performance.


Get more of Bec Laughton at her YouTube channel!


2. Cream
It was apparent that a large percentage of the crowd that turned up for Japan Night 2014  was there for Cream. Consisting of lead vocal Minami and rapper Staxx, they started off strong, getting the audience hyped up and jumping the moment they went onstage. Easily one of the best performances at the Fountain Stage that night, Cream dominated the crowd with their stage presence – It almost felt like they were having  a mini concert. Minami surprised us with her fluent English, almost as much as her two-coloured hairdo did. She even attempted a bit of Singlish, sounding amused at herself just like the fans were. Their funky tracks with hip-hop and pop influences, combined with Minami’s steady vocals and Staxx’s deep rapping, sucked us into the unfamiliar world of J-pop, and we loved every minute of it!


Check them out at their official website.
3. David Choi


David Choi is a Korean-American independent singer/songwriter with a voice that has melted many girls’ hearts around the world. Going onstage not long after the lively Japan Night 2014, David turned the night around with his jazzy songs. Accompanied by a band, he slowed things down, singing of love and life. What impressed us was how flawless he was with the lower, more guttural notes, as well as being able to gently croon out high notes. Giving a brief introduction to his songs before singing them, we could hear the emotion in his voice as the lyrics fitted perfectly with the backstory. It was not David’s first time performing in Singapore, and he sure knew what the fans liked as he called “Who likes free stuff?” before throwing a shirt from his merchandise store into the crowd. It was after his stage that we called it a day, leaving with the sound of his voice echoing in our heads long after he stepped off the stage.


A few thousand more subscribers and he’ll reach a million – subscribe to David Choi’s YouTube channel!


Youtube Fanfest Live with HP

YouTube fanfest had the greatest line-up of YouTube stars ever to gather in Asia, with big names such as Ryan Higa (nigahiga on YouTube), Jenna Mourney (Jenna Marbles) and Tyler Oakley flying over to attend the event, as well as local YouTubers such as Xiaxue, Tosh Rock (Tosh13) and ShiGGa Shay. It was the first time in Singapore for many of them, and they sure were blown away by the enthusiasm of the fans! Of course, it wasn’t just the fans that made it a memorable experience for them. When asked about her stay in Singapore so far, Lilly Singh (iiSuperwomanii) said she tried durian and it was the “favourite and worst moment” of her life. Bethany Mota (Macbarbie07), beauty and fashion expert, enthused about the clothes she snagged in Singapore that she would proudly boast about when she went back to USA.


Ryan Higa at YouTube FanFest with HP 6 (photo credit - Branded Ltd)


Local talents weren’t sidelined, as ShiGGa Shay did an impressive impromptu rap at the press conference, with Indonesian beatbox group Jakarta Beatbox Clan providing the beats. Xiaxue, lifestyle-turned-Mummy blogger, comically exclaimed that her baby boy Dashiel was getting more compliments than her. “If I post my picture on Instagram, I get half the likes that he does!” She said. We understand why though – who could scroll by without double tapping those cheeks of his?


The red carpet event took place at *Scape, with Raymond Gutierrez, E! Reality Star as the host. Hundreds of fans waited in the sweltering heat to get the chance to take a “selfie” and get autographs as their favourite YouTubers made their way down the red carpet. A total of 2,000 fans attended YouTube Fanfest Live with HP, with over 100,000 live viewers to YouTube channels. YouTube Fanfest Live with HP was hosted by Dom Lau and Deekosh, with a surprise appearance by apl.de.ap of Black Eyed Peas. The fans were treated to a mix of comedy, music and dancing by the YouTubers – Jakarta Beatbox Clan did a stunning beatboxing performance, Tyler Oakley and Troy Sivan had lipstick applied on them by Bethany Mota, and Jenna Marbles was her usual self, cursing and swearing. They also answered several questions from fans and happily accepted the gifts that were thrown onstage. It was hard to say who had a better time; Both the YouTubers and their fans were grateful for the chance to interact with each other on a more personal level.


This was the second time YouTube Fanfest Live with HP, and it was just as good as the first time. It was a whirlwind of back-to-back events during All That Matters, and by the end of the week we were exhausted, but satisfied. Til’ next year, All That Matters!

Text by: Arynah Aminuddin

Images courtesy of Branded Ltd. and Arynah Aminuddin

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