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A Whimsical Party | Joanne

Following our previous post on the month of August, we’re here to talk design. This young designer has a thing or two to show us about our theme for the month. Not only does she display an eclectic and whimsical style, Joanne Wee also has a good head on her shoulders.


We speak to Joanne to ask about her inspirations and her opinions on the local art and design scene.


Hello! How is your day going?

I’m not sure yet. I hope it goes great.


How did you get started with arts and design?

I was very much a Singaporean drone in the past, studying science for god knows what reason other than the fact that that was what everyone else was doing. I hated it to its core. I finally got some brains (and a heart) and decided to apply for an art/design school, with the closest thing I had done related to art being a fantastically inaccurate drawing of a graph deduced by calculus. Miraculously, I got in. Yay.


What are you biggest inspirations?

My life. I don’t mean to sound self-indulgent, but art is certainly about personal expression, isn’t it? I got more serious about my art when my life started shaping itself into something a little less mundane. I didn’t find my art until I found my life.


What do you think of the arts scene in Singapore these days?

I’m not as familiar with the arts scene in Singapore as I am with the design scene, which I find to be shockingly conservative at times. It sometimes seems that there is a stereotypical, narrow-minded perception of what good design is. It doesn’t mean the designs being done are not good, it’s just that sometimes Design A reminds you of Design B which reminds you of Design C, all the way until Design Z. Nonetheless, I think there are artists and designers out there who are brilliant and if they had a chance to bring their work into light, they could revolutionize the arts and design scene in Singapore.


How do you think the Actually stores help to showcase your work?

I think that the Actually stores have a niche market which consists of people who are generally more in tune with art and design. So it’s great to show my work to these people who could probably relate better with what I’m doing. Thank  you Actually!

– Jolin


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