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A quick chat with… JENNIFER LOISELLE

She is terrified of balloons and finds the machinery for shoe designing a bit of a scare.

Originally an aspiring footwear designer, Jennifer Loiselle has since dropped those dreams, preferring to maintain her status as an “avid shoe collector”. Since then, Jennifer has slowly built her way up to be an accessories designer, and doing a mighty fine job might I add. A true blue Malaysian at heart, she now calls London home but has dreams to live by the sea. Being an art deco fanatic, Jennifer’s work immediately appealed to me.

We sit down with Jennifer and have a quick chat with her.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get into designing jewellery & accessories?

Jennifer: I’ve always loved wearing accessories! My love for accessories grows in direct relation to their sizes; the bigger they get, the more I love them! And I studied for a diploma in footwear at Cordwainers in London – but in the end, making shoes wasn’t really my forte.

After I graduated, I ended up working in a back office fashion related job. I later became pregnant and was actually quite relieved when I went on maternity leave. It probably sounds a little silly but I couldn’t find any clothes that I liked to wear when I was pregnant, and the only thing that wasn’t growing was my head; thus I begun making my own hair accessories and things took off from there.

I notice a lot of your designs use geometric shapes, and that they’re art deco inspired. Why art deco?

J: I love everything about the art deco aesthetic – the fashion, the jewellery, furniture, interiors; I love how it manages to be modern yet timeless. For me, no other era comes close in terms of sheer style, elegance and glamour.

Your collection consists of a lot of neutral colours (black,silver,gold). Is that a trademark of your designs/the Jennifer Loselle style? And would you consider introducing more colours to your palette?

J: Yes, everything in this collection is pretty neutral and monochromatic, but it was only specific to that one season; my new collection which will be out mid-April is going to be a riot of colours!

I love the idea that your designs are made from acrylic. Why did you decide on using acrylic?

J:  A lot of my favourite jewellery from the art deco period was made from Bakelite, and while I love it as a material, it’s extremely difficult to work with and also prohibitively expensive; thus I made the decision to use the 21st century equivalent, acrylic!

– Jessica Chee

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