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FREITAG Reference Line

Change is good!

According to FREITAG, new means just as good too … a line that provides variety without compromising its quality. Utilizing its trademark recycled truck tarpaulins; only this time, the optical selection process and washing is even stricter. The same quality fetish is also applied to the stitching of each piece. So if you buy a FREITAG REFERENCE, be prepared to pass it on to the next generation!

Through seasons, expect an array of arm candies with appealing colours and unconventional construction that are ideal for modern urbanites. Also adorned with surrounding bold buckles, the designs for FREITAG REFERENCE are definitely not-to-be-missed.  Typically FREITAG, there is still a recognisably sharp chic edge to the designs which differs from your usual expensive handbag.

Famed personages are tribute through each piece’s eponyms – Hearst, Wolfe, Sheridan, Parker, Westheimer and Wintour.

As the line offers stylish designs accompanied with stronger construction, you will get the best of both worlds. Its roomy features and clean details ensure practicality hence securing its status as a fashion staple – a versatile investment worthwhile.

The FREITAG REFERENCE LINE Spring/Summer 2011 is slated to arrive at ActuallyActually store from February onwards.

ActuallyActually is located at 16 Purvis Street #02-01.

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